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Drumming Up Support: Getting People To Participate In 5K Charity Runs

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When people talk about running miles or kilometers for fun, everyone else tends to think that it is a crazy idea. After all, running for exercise is not easy, and running for distance for fun is definitely not easy either. If you are about to spearhead an event involving a 5K charity run, you may have a difficult time drumming up support, no matter what the charitable cause. Here is how you can get the word out and get more people involved.

The Evening News

The evening news is something many people watch, usually right before supper, or while they are preparing supper. It is often the only time people have to hear about what is going on in their world and their local and regional areas. By all means, definitely involve all of your local TV stations when spreading the word about your charity run, and if you can, reach out to news channels in your state capitol as well. Runners come from all corners of the state, and other states, to participate in these events, especially if it is for a cause near and dear to their hearts. They cannot participate if they do not hear about it.

Big Backers

Getting some big, important backers for the event helps, too. Hospitals especially like to back charity events that encourage healthy behavior in the community. Also scout out gyms, fitness centers, big corporations, and other businesses to see if they are interested in either donating their time or money for the cause. Even if they are only willing to help promote the charity run verbally, that will still help. Other companies may recruit some employees to help hand out water to runners or check runners into the race. Whatever help you can get is what you strive for.

Local Charity Groups

Charities have a tendency to support each other for the benefit of the community. Use this fact to approach local charities to see if they would like to contribute to the cause or help staff the run. Local charities may also pitch in for the free publicity, and all good publicity is what they want. If you appeal to local charities as partners and offer them opportunities to promote their own purposes to the public, they are very likely to assist you in your endeavors.

Community Billboards

There are online community billboards, as well as social media where you can post local events. Be sure to post announcements about the charity run on these sites as well. Be sure to update these pages daily so that everyone knows and remembers about the race.

For more information and tips, contact a company that has experience with running 5K charity runs, like gotCUREage.